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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do we view your product(s)?

A: A professional representative will provide an array of samples to you at your home, for your convenience. They will then help you make a decision, based upon the structure and colour schemes within your home. The best part is our Mobile Showroom will come to your home FREE OF CHARGE.


Q: Do you use our existing door(s)?

A: In most cases, we use your existing door(s).  Generally, if you’re living in a home 25 years or less, there is usually no problem using the existing door.

Q: Are your windows made in Canada?

A: All of our units have been completely handcrafted in the Greater Toronto Area for the past 25 years!


Q: Can a full length window be installed in our door(s), if there is an existing small window or no window at all?

A: Yes, our professional installers can upgrade your entrance without an issue.  Your door(s) will maintain its existing strength and safety.


Q: Will our windows have a sufficient privacy level?

A: Our gifted artisans will create a window to meet any level of privacy needed.


Q: Is there any warranty available for your products?

A: We have a lifetime warranty (Original Buyer) against seal failure on all our products.


Q: Will our new windows provide safety?

A: Definitely! All our windows exceed Canadian Safety and Builder Standards.  All units are sealed between two layers of tempered glass.  Stained glass units have an extra layer lined with solid metal caming, for extra strength.  Wrought Iron units have wrought iron sealed between the 2 tempered layers of glass.  Our windows are very durable.


Q: Do your windows allow or decrease natural light?

A: The windows you receive will allow the same natural light into your home, that you are used to.  Or, we can create a window with glass textures that will allow less light.


Q: Will our new windows be heat and cool efficient?

A: The windows in your home are generally made with 2 layers of 2 millimeter glass. Our windows are made with three layers of glass ranging between 3 and 6 millimeters each. Therefore, keeping the heat in (winter) and cool in (summer)! Money Saved! 


Q: If we have windows {such as, side-lite(s) or transom(s)} around our doorway, can we have windows made to match our entrance?

A: Definitely! In order to finish the look of your home, we recommend it. Our professional representative can help you make a design decision, which will coordinate with the colours and shapes of your home and fit within your budget. 

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